The 4 Commandments for a top 100k Rank | FPL Tips 22/23

Finishing in the top 100k in the world at FPL isn't easy. If you were to hit an illustrious five-figured rank last season, you'd be amongst the top 1.1% of the 9,000,000 managers who built a team. That's pretty good.

Then again, most of them haven't read these four, simple FPL tips.

If (and it's a big "if") you're able to follow all four of these rules, you will finish amongst the FPL elite in the 2022/23 season. But any chump can read the tips. The true skill is being able to execute them.

1) Captain the Most Popular Choice

It's boring, but the best FPL managers in the world tend to pick the same captain that everyone else is picking. Play it safe, score more points.

2) Go With "the Template"

Pick about 8 or 9 of the players that most other active managers are picking, including any that are capable of scoring big points (think players like Mo Salah).

It's boring, but starting with a template team and then maintaining it for most of the season makes tip #2 much easier to execute. It also protects you from any wild drops in rank as the season progresses, and helps with tip #4...

3) Play Your Chips With the Crowd

Look, we didn't say this was gunna be the funnest way to play the game. Play your chips when everyone else does, yeah? It's tempting to get experimental, but it rarely works.

4) Don't Take Excessive Points Hits

Sometimes taking a hit to make an extra transfer is necessary. Usually, that's when doing so will enable you to fulfil one of the other rules here.

But most of the time they should be approached with extreme caution. Hits are the sultry temptress, luring you into the rocks with their siren's call. Unless taking one clearly mitigates a more extreme risk (like missing out on a popular captain), avoid them.

Good luck!

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