The Gameweek 1 FPL Cheat Sheet

Summary for the lazy

- The Gameweek 1 deadline is TODAY at 18:30 BST ⏰

- Schmeichel leaves Leicester, opening up two £4m GK options 🧤

- Perisic (£5.5m) is "not yet at 100%". Doherty (£5.0m) also a doubt 🤕

- Jesus (£8.0m) becomes the most owned FPL player...of all time 📈

- The bookies back Haaland (£11.5m) over Kane (£11.5m) (but it's close) ⚖️

- Read on for last season's 18th ranked manager's Gameweek 1 team...without Jesus 👀

It's the FPL Tips newsletter, the email that'll turn you into a fantasy football aficionado faster than you can say "it's actually pronounced Bruno Fur-nansch, not Fernandezz". We all know that guy.

You might be reading this minutes before the deadline. Perhaps you've managed to sneak off to the loo, squeezing in some FPL tips whilst you squeeze out a different kind of tip.

In any case, you're probably in a hurry, so let's get stuck in.

Pre-season round-up

FPL Focal, one of those Youtuber types, put together a tasty graphic of the top performing pre-season players. It's really useful, and sums up everything you need to know better than we ever could.

There are some notable inclusions here. Miguel Almiron (£5.0m) used his 270 minutes incredibly productively, despite being - according to at least one Twitter user - shite. Over to you, Simon.

Rodrigo (£6.0m), Podence (£5.5m) and Trossard (£6.5m) all caught our eye too. If you're an FPL hipster who likes to subvert the popular trends, you could do a lot worse than those three.

The Frail Rail

You've heard of the bargain bucket, but have you heard of the frail rail? Well, you have now. This is where we'll update you on the latest high-profile (by which we mean "FPL-relevant") injuries.

For a full list of Premier League injuries, visit The guys over there are proper boots-on-the-ground, actually-watch-the-press-conferences types.

Ivan Perisic (£5.5m) and Matt Doherty (£5.0m)

Yeah, I'm afraid it could be time to go back to the drawing board folks. Here's what Charlie Eccleshare, the Spurs correspondent for a little-known site called the Athletic, had to say:

Further clarification came from Alasdair Gold, another Spurs correspondent. He literally asked Conte who would start and was told:

Conte has a reputation for ambiguity when discussing his starting XI, so anything he says should be taken with a pinch of Italian salt.

As such, some top managers are rolling the dice on the Croatian, particularly those who have adequate reinforcement on the bench

Anthony Martial (£7.0m)

Having looked odds-on to start Gameweek 1, Tony has suffered a hamstring injury. Another Athletic journalist, Laurie Whitwell, managed to simultaneously break this news and also infiltrate the brain of every single FPL manager by floating an alternative starter:

Dominic Calvert-Lewin (£8.0m), Takehiro Tomiyasu (£4.5m), Kieran Tierney (£5.0m) and Harvey Barnes (£7.0m) are also recent inductees to the frail rail. But you probably weren't eyeing any of them up anyway, let's be honest.

When FPL experts join forces

No, that's not the opening line of the latest Star Wars trailer, it's what happened when the aforementioned FPL Focal invited hundreds of FPL experts (including, somewhat bizarrely, yours truly) to participate in an experiment.

What happens when you build a composite team from a group of managers who have had over 300 top 10k finishes between them?

This happens (you might find it easier to zoom in a little on the team):

Bargin Hunt

Need a bargain? We keep an eye on the budget gems that'll make your mini-league rivals think "does he have an in with a kit man?".

These are the folks we listed last week. They'll probably all play, and some even looked half decent in pre-season. All are being coveted by Dickinson's watchful eye:

Andreas Pereira (MID, £4.5m

)Neco Williams (DEF, £4.0m)

Leon Bailey (MID, £5.0m)

Nathan Patterson (DEF, £4.0m)

Josh Dasilva (MID, £4.5m)

Some new additions have since been added:

The Two DanniesI

t's our new favourite double-act. Schmeichel's departure, whilst a shame for Leicester fans, is an absolute blessing for FPL managers. It means Leicester are reduced to just two goalkeepers, Danny Ward and Daniel Iversen. Both are priced £4.0m.

There's ambiguity over who will start in Gameweek 1, but including both of them - assuming you're happy to forego owning two outfield Leicester players - is becoming an increasingly popular strategy.

On which of the two will start, here's our take:

Iversen has played the majority of pre-season games due to an injury to Ward, but Ward did, apparently, compete in a behind-closed-doors game on Tuesday.

The most popular narrative is that Ward is first choice provided he's fit, with Iversen ready to assume duties should Ward need more time. If we had to pick one, we'd pick Dan.

Just kidding. Ward is the safer option for us.

Bookies' odds

After Gameweek 1 we'll be sharing all of the need-to-know stats with you. Stuff like xG (expected goals), transfers in and out and loads more. It's all good stuff.

But until there are actually stats to share, the bookies are usually a pretty reliable indicator of how things are going to play out.

A pretty decent team

Remember Karwan? He's the guy that finished 18th in the entire world last season. Well, here's his Gameweek 1 team. Exclusively for you lot.

Secret Email recipients actually got this on Wednesday, though the eagle-eyed will notice some changes. He also explained some of his more intriguing decisions, like why he was going without Jesus.

This could change between now and the Gameweek 1 deadline, but I'd imagine that's the case for all of our teams.If you've got any questions for him about his team, you better go and follow him on Twitter and ask.

Planning ahead

Barring any high-profile injury in Gameweek 1, the most popular transfer ahead of Gameweek 2 amongst the top managers will almost certainly be Kane OUT, Haaland IN.

That's because plenty of them are already telegraphing it. They want Kane vs Southampton in Gameweek 1, then Haaland vs Bournemouth in Gameweek 2. The greedy bastards.

We get it, but we'd advise against it for two reasons:

1) Price changes. If Haaland increases in price and Kane remains the same or decreases, you could be priced out of the move.

2) Everything else. If literally anything else happens to your team that needs dealing with, you might find yourself taking a points hit ahead of Gameweek 2. Which isn't a good look.

Right, that's your lot. We'd recommend you follow the press conferences today, and the best guy for that is Colm at FPL News.

Good luck for Gameweek 1. See you next Friday evening.


The FPL Tips team.

p.s. a word to the wise: if you want to do well at FPL, you have to be boring.

Some managers don't want to do well. Some would rather just have a bit of fun - which is fine by us.

But if you really want to beat your rivals. And I mean the "he's bloody ran away with it and it's only January" type of beating, then please:

- Stop chasing the latest hat-trick scorer.
- Stop taking reckless hits.
- Stop punting on players like Nathan Redmond.

As the season progresses, you can start to get a little less boring, depending on how you're getting on. But until Christmas, eat plain rice, wear beige and get stuck into the nuances of UK taxation law.

Boring. Wins. Leagues.